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Family Choices

Posted: 6th January 2013 by Jason Coleman in Communication, Love is a Choice
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One choice that many couples face is whether or not both spouses should work outside of the home. This is typically not a very difficult de­cision, that is, until you bring children into the world. Those of you who have kids can all agree on this one thing—everything changes with kids! While it was most […]

The cell phone vibrates in his pocket, receiving a silent message that his wife can’t detect. Glancing at the gas gauge, he tells his wife that they need to stop at the next exit for gas. After fueling up the vehicle, he does what he usually does on road trips…heads for the restroom. After all, […]

Love is a Choice

Posted: 29th July 2012 by Jason Coleman in Love is a Choice
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For the past several months the media and the American public has been captivated with the ever-increasing stories of high profile divorces. The famed Kardashian 72-day marriage, Demi and Ashton calling it quits after six years, the Terminator terminating his marriage with Maria Shriver, actors Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds splitting up, and the list […]