Debby and I attended a “Solomon, Sex, & Marriage” seminar this past weekend at the Cannon Beach Conference Center, in Cannon Beach, OR. The conference was lead by Shane & Phyllis Womack. Shane is the Senior Pastor of Knott Avenue Christian Church in Aneheim, CA and he and his wife have lead marriage conferences for many years.

This seminar was like no other, in that it was direct, straight-forward, and dealt with a topic that many people find difficult to discuss…SEX. They read through the Song of Solomon and discuss the interpretation and application in “no-nonsense” terms that are direct and pointed.

Many couples do not talk openly and honestly about sex, and as a result, many don’t have the quantity or quality of sex that they desire. Sex was created for our enjoyment and is a wonderful, giving act between two loving and committed partners. The world has a dirty and perverted view of sex, but biblical sex is good, amazing and thoroughly satisfying for both partners.

The story in the Song of Solomon is a description of how a marriage should look to God and a picture of mutual pleasure between the two lovers. The writing is poetic and flows beautifully.

If you have an opportunity to attend a seminar, we highly recommend it!