Keeping that spark burning in your marriage is tough when life has become so predictable. Traveling to any of these five romantic European cities can give your relationship new butterflies and send you right back into the honeymoon phase as you gaze longingly into one another’s eyes.

Barcelona, Spain

This sexy city is known for its fast, carefree lifestyle, trendy bars, designer boutiques and thriving nightlife. You and your loved one will feel inspired at popular artist hangouts, such as the El Quatre Gats. You’ll love to indulge in better-than-sex cuisine at the luxurious Alkimia. To feel beautiful and impress your man on one of your high-end outings, splurge on some designer Antonio Miro extravagances while gallivanting throughout shops all around the city. The HCCMIS travel blog notes that Barcelona is a city for “travelers seeking art or music or delicious Spanish cuisine.” Make sure to include on your romantic tour visits to Casa Batllo, the Picasso Museum and The Magic Fountain of Montjuic.

Photo by Sergi Larripa via Wikimedia Commons

Paris, France

Paris just can’t be topped when it comes to romantic destinations around the world. If you’ve ever let stress pardon your love life, Paris has the most relaxing vibe imaginable to get you and your loved one rested and in the mood. Enjoy a few beers at a Brasserie. Indulge in sinfully delicious desserts at a chocolate shop, and watch the sun set at the Pont Des Artistes. The point overlooks the picturesque Seine river— a popular spot for young and in-love Parisian couples, describes

Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ger1axg

Venice, Italy

Picture it: you and your loved one are dreamily floating through the Grand Canal on a gondola. It’s a cool night in Venice, and your charming tour guide serenades you with “That’s Amore” while the moon radiates in the sky. Earlier that day, you were awe-struck by St. Mark’s Basilica with its colorful, gilded mosaics and its brilliant Byzantine architecture. The evening included a romantic meal at Osteria Boccadoro where you dined on fresh fish, homemade pasta and the best wine you’ve ever sipped. Start packing now.

Photo by Jorge Royan via Wikimedia Commons

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Everyone knows Amsterdam is one of the naughtiest cities in Europe. So if you really want to let loose and reunite with bedroom rendezvous, this is place to go. TNT Magazine claims that the beautiful meets the bizarre at Supperclub, a sexy venue that features all-white decor and dinner served on big comfortable beds. Waitresses are scantily clad in stockings, suspender belts and— wait for it— pig masks. Just like Venice, Amsterdam is also full of canals you can float along for a beautiful view of famous landmarks, such as the Museum Quarter, the spire of Westerkerk and the Anne Frank Huis.

Photo by Jorge Royan via Flickr

Berlin, Germany

A city with beautiful remnants of the past and a bright, promising future, Berlin will feel like another world. You’ll have to explore what’s left of the Berlin Wall, bring history to life at Checkpoint Charlie and admire Norman Foster’s domed Reichstag building. Enjoy an evening drink at one of Berlin’s authentic beer halls and dance the night away at a high-energy jazz club.

Photo by Harald Hoyer via Flickr

A change of scenery and romantic getaway can reunite that faded desire in your marriage. You might be surprised how much more you learn about yourselves as a couple. Take risks, be open and remember what made you fall in love with each other in the first place.