Gifts for your wifeNumber one rule in gift giving: be observant and thoughtful. That’s the path to a woman’s heart.

Pay attention. If she says, “I saw the cutest purse at that little boutique by the coffee shop,” what she means is, “I am giving you a hint about what I want for my birthday/anniversary/holiday, and I’m even telling you where you can find it.” If she says, “I could use a massage” what she means is, “Get me a gift certificate to my favorite spa.” Women forget that men aren’t good at picking up subtle hints; men forget … everything.

Take Her on a ‘First’ Date

Much like a second date idea, give her the time of her life with tickets to a local art show, Broadway show or her favorite music artist. Take her on a hot air balloon ride or horseback riding. If she likes the outdoors, put together a picnic with cheese and wine in a new woven basket.

Be sure it’s something she would want to do. Don’t get her tickets to the hockey game if she doesn’t like sports.

Give Her a Star

If your wife looks to the sky and marvels at the universe, many things will make her happy. But not much would make her more giddy than to look up every night at “her” star. The International Star Registry allows you to buy a star and name it after your wife, girlfriend or child. You’ll get an ethereal certificate and kit to show you the exact location. While it may be a novelty, it’s that thoughtful kind of gift that will keep your woman feeling lucky and loved every night.

Cook Up Fun

Stores like Cost Plus World Market, Williams-Sonoma and Bed, Bath and Beyond are full of kitchen gadgets that budding gourmets love. These are good ways to tell your significant other that you appreciate the work she puts into cooking, but make sure this is something she would appreciate. Some women see cooking as a duty rather than a hobby, and if you make the wrong call, your handy new nut chopper could become family legend as “the worst gift he ever bought me.”

Say it With Flowers

This one is simple, and most women are suckers for flowers, especially if she works full time. Women love it when their men send flowers at work, and red roses are classics. It’s said that the shade of red stirs emotions of love, passion and respect. Rosebuds can symbolize youth and rebirth, while two single red roses implies an engagement. Do some research online to find the symbolism that you want to offer her. Sometimes kind words alone will capture her heart.

This website is like a big artists’ loft where people who are looking for unique jewelry, clothing, home decor and gifts can find handmade and vintage ideas. What does she like to do? If she’s a tennis player, you’ll find tennis-theme jewelry, phone cases, charms and more. Is she a book lover? Look for one-of-a-kind bookends and novelty items made from books (look for “book purse” to get an idea of how creative these artists are).

Thoughtful Gift Cards

Some women — and men — find gift cards as a way of saying, “I almost forgot to get you something” or, “I didn’t make time to shop for you.” They are kind of lame, you have to admit. A thoughtfully purchased gift card to her favorite salon, shoe store, makeup counter or boutique shows her that you pay attention. If she’s always wanted to take a gourmet cooking lesson, golf lessons or oil painting classes, look for a local place that offers gift cards. To show her even more support, sign up to take the class with her.

Couple’s Retreat

Some travel agencies, churches, resorts and spiritual centers offer couples retreats. These programs offer getaways with formal to informal workshops and activities that help couples get away from work and family life and reconnect. For example, Sedona Soul Adventures in Arizona offers spiritual retreats for couples that include massages, meditation, communication exercises and outdoor activities designed to foster romance and break down things that stress relationships.

Ask her Friends

If none of these ideas have stirred your creative juices, ask her girlfriends, sisters, coworkers and mom for suggestions. These women know her best, and they’ll be happy to help you find the perfect gift for your wife/girlfriend/fiance/significant other. And when word gets back to her that you asked for their input (and it will because these women tell each other everything), she will be touched to know that you cared enough to enlist their expertise.


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