Wedding Planning Tips & Essentials for a Wedding at Home

Posted: 21st May 2013 by Jason Coleman in Dating, Finances

The happiest day of our livesHome is where the heart is, and marrying your best friend at your future home together can be the most romantic and intimate celebration for beginning your life together. Envision your backyard as a blank canvas for designing the outdoor wedding of your dreams. Welcome guests into your abode by transforming each room into a different section of your wedding reception— such as making over the dining room with the wedding cake and buffet table and turning the living room into a touching wedding display of photos.

Have your dream wedding at home with these essential party-planning tips:

Determine a Theme & Budget

Wedding themes don’t have to be extravagant. An eye-catching color scheme can serve as a theme without being too difficult or costly. features the following pretty palettes that are in this season:

  • Perfect peach, gold, mint and emerald green for whimsical elegance
  • Grapefruit, soft coral, cream and dove gray for feminine softness
  • Gold and silver shimmer and copper for over-the-top glam

Start to budget your wedding plans with a true appraisal of your finances and bankbook reviews. Make a priorities list and determine what deserves the most and least of your budget. Commit to your budget. If your wedding guest list is small, stick to it even if friends and family feel slighted. You want your marriage to last a lifetime, not your wedding bills.

Rent or Hire the Essentials

A tent will not only protect your guests during an outdoor wedding, it will create a formal and festive environment. You also can’t forget about the “must-have items,” including “tables, chairs, dinnerware, napkins, table linens, place settings, barware and portable bathrooms,” according to Although sunshine is a mesmerizing element to outdoor weddings, summer heat and humidity can crate an uncomfortable environment. Sweaty faces and clothes aren’t too enjoyable. Rent portable air conditioners to bring in the chill and even a generator to power the coolers, lighting and grills, for instance.

Also, a spotless home is non-negotiable. Hire a professional maid service for before and after the celebration, recommended by A Practical Wedding. By leaving the cleaning to the professionals, you can focus on other planning areas of need. You’ll want to spend the day after the wedding enjoying the company of friends and family, rather than scrubbing the floor and taking out the trash.

Check the Landscaping

A full landscaping renovation can cost thousands of dollars, but you can make over your yard without such a steep expense. A manicured landscape will have a mowed lawn and bare patches that are filled in. Plant perennials and greenery well in advance so that flowers are in full-bloom on the big day. Include a professional landscaper into your wedding budget to help with re-seeding and sodding. Work with the landscaper and designer to incorporate light fixtures and decor into the backyard to create an outdoor wedding wonderland.

Lastly, have fun, and try not to let stress overwhelm you. Enjoy the process leading up to the most romantic day of your life!

Catherine Wallace
Catherine is a free-lance writer who lives with her family on a farm in Nebraska.

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