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When it comes to giving the special lady in their life flowers, most men think about the obvious occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or maybe their wedding anniversary. While it’s great to receive a beautiful bouquet of blossoms on these special days, there are also plenty of other flower-worthy occasions that pop up during the year. Because most women love to get flowers, it might be wise to take note of these other five flower-appropriate occasions.

You Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

I know, you didn’t mean to suggest your girlfriend’s dress matched the one your mom wore to Aunt Sally’s birthday party last year, or say that, perhaps, your wife shouldn’t leave the burgers on the grill for quite so long. But you said it, she’s hurt and you want to make things right. suggests that a single flower with a nice note is a perfect gesture in these situations and can go a long way in making things right.

She Got the Promotion

Your lady love has been working so hard lately, staying at the office later than usual and going the extra mile. Her boss noticed and rewarded her with a promotion. This is a perfect occasion to celebrate her achievement by ordering flowers online and having them delivered to her office. Her co-workers will ooh and ahh, and she will be truly delighted.

She’s Had a Really Crummy Week

Some weeks are just like that. Maybe she got into an argument with her best friend, or had her hours cut at work, or her car got dinged by a shopping cart at the supermarket. It doesn’t matter if it’s your mom, your girlfriend, your wife or even a close female friend; any woman who is going through a rough patch deserves flowers. A cheerful bouquet is virtually guaranteed to make her feel better.

You Have Been Really Busy

Maybe you have been putting in a ton of overtime, have been on an extended business trip or extra projects around the house have kept you incommunicado. Either way, you miss her, she misses you and flowers would be a great way to help boost her spirits until your schedule settles down. Ordering flowers while you are away from home will probably earn you an extra-warm welcome.

Because You Love Her and You’re Not Afraid to Show It

Sending flowers is a  very romantic gesture that does not always require a specific reason. Actually, the fact that you adore her is reason enough. For men who are romantics at heart, and even those who are not, guys don’t need a specific occasion to be thoughtful. Just pick up the phone and order her some flowers. You’ll be glad that you did.

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