19th anniversary gift

19th anniversary gift

Click here to see the Valentine’s Day YouTube video I created for Debby!

1.  Recreate your honeymoon. Book a night or weekend at the hotel or getaway you stayed at the night of your wedding.2.  Have one of your favorite wedding pictures blown up poster size as a gift.

3.  Book a local hotel for the night. Check-in prior to your wife’s knowledge and set up the room with rose petals leading from the door to the tub and the bed. Put wine on ice, spread chocolates and confetti on the floor and the bed. Use foil confetti in the colors of your wedding. She will be completely surprised when you both arrive at the hotel and everything is set up.

4.  Design a “Build-a-Bear” that is your wife’s favorite animal. Name it after your wife and dress it with a mini version of her wedding gown.

5.  Take your spouse on a picnic. If available, on horseback. Ride (walk or drive) to as secluded a place as possible and spend the afternoon together. If you are daring enough, make love after lunch if your site is deserted and secluded.

6.  Rent a local billboard or reader board and purchase a message for your spouse. See picture – I did this for our 19th anniversary. She absolutely loved it! (a letter fell off, but she was totally surprised when she drove by and saw it!)

7.  Take your bride out in a limo to a very nice restaurant followed by a couples massage. After the massage, go buy her sexy lingerie and celebrate the anniversary all night long. Cap it off with breakfast in bed.

8.  Surprise her (or him) with breakfast in bed and a new outfit to wear to work. Have flowers and a bear sent to their workplace. Stop by their workplace and stuff her/his car with helium-filled balloons. Plan a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant or have a candlelit dinner at home.

Valentines Day Ideas

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