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I saw a post on Facebook several months ago that was a pretty interesting read. It was written by a man who had recently been divorced after almost 16 years of marriage. His post was a list of marriage tips, written from the perspective of a divorcee, to help others protect and save their marriage. […]

Wedding Planning Tips & Essentials for a Wedding at Home

Posted: 21st May 2013 by Jason Coleman in Dating, Finances

Home is where the heart is, and marrying your best friend at your future home together can be the most romantic and intimate celebration for beginning your life together. Envision your backyard as a blank canvas for designing the outdoor wedding of your dreams. Welcome guests into your abode by transforming each room into a […]

April 15th is fast approaching and the time will soon come when you can no longer procrastinate and you begin the dreaded task of filing your taxes. Whether you are expecting a refund or expecting to pay, either way¬†filing taxes is a most unpleasant task. No-one that I know, besides my mother, likes filing taxes. […]