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One of my wife’s favorite movies is GREASE. The original 1972 release featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. You remember the story – ‘Good girl’ Sandy and ‘greaser’ Danny fall in love over the summer but think they’ll never see one another again. Then, as fate would have it, they find themselves in the […]

I saw a post on Facebook several months ago that was a pretty interesting read. It was written by a man who had recently been divorced after almost 16 years of marriage. His post was a list of marriage tips, written from the perspective of a divorcee, to help others protect and save their marriage. […]

Keeping that spark burning in your marriage is tough when life has become so predictable. Traveling to any of these five romantic European cities can give your relationship new butterflies and send you right back into the honeymoon phase as you gaze longingly into one another’s eyes. Barcelona, Spain This sexy city is known for […]

Number one rule in gift giving: be observant and thoughtful. That’s the path to a woman’s heart. Pay attention. If she says, “I saw the cutest purse at that little boutique by the coffee shop,” what she means is, “I am giving you a hint about what I want for my birthday/anniversary/holiday, and I’m even […]

Wedding Planning Tips & Essentials for a Wedding at Home

Posted: 21st May 2013 by Jason Coleman in Dating, Finances

Home is where the heart is, and marrying your best friend at your future home together can be the most romantic and intimate celebration for beginning your life together. Envision your backyard as a blank canvas for designing the outdoor wedding of your dreams. Welcome guests into your abode by transforming each room into a […]

Click here to see the Valentine’s Day YouTube video I created for Debby! 1.  Recreate your honeymoon. Book a night or weekend at the hotel or getaway you stayed at the night of your wedding.2.  Have one of your favorite wedding pictures blown up poster size as a gift. 3.  Book a local hotel for the […]

OK guys, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You’ve given her flowers and chocolates the last several years and afterwards you’re left scratching you’re head wondering why the romantic flame is more like a Bic lighter than a blow torch. If you’re like the majority of guys, your idea of romance is limited to red helium […]

This morning I circled the mall several times seeking the elusive parking stall nearest the mall entrance that would minimize the amount of rain drops I needed to dodge. Realizing it was a futile effort, I chose a spot on the outskirts of the parking lot. I trudged my way through ever-widening puddles and driving […]

Commitment Phobia. What is it, and how do you conquer it? To begin with, in general terms it is the fear that prevents you from engaging in a committed and healthy relationship. It is the inability or unwillingness to trust yourself and someone else with your innermost secrets, needs, and desires. For some, the thought […]

Dating – 5 Key pillars to build your foundation upon

Posted: 25th September 2012 by Jason Coleman in Communication, Dating

We were asked recently if it’s okay to casually date or if someone should only date with a purpose.  Our short answer is that if you are going to date, you should only date someone who is a “potential” spouse. That is a subject for a future blog post, but the purpose of this post is […]