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It is easy to get married—it is difficult to stay married. I can’t recall where I first heard those words, but truer words have rarely been spoken. For decades studies have shown that approximately half of the marriages in our society end up in divorce. Those are staggering results, and the disappointing thing to me […]

Recently Debby and I were the keynote speakers at the kick-off event for the new Marrieds Ministry at our church. The following is an excerpt from our address…we pick it up just after I said that we typically describe our marriage as being “amazing.” In this blog post we will discuss the first point and […]

Marrieds Night at Crossroads Church, Vancouver, WA

Posted: 26th March 2016 by Jason Coleman in Love is a Choice

Marrieds Night April 10 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm | Free We are hosting a special event for married couples April 10, 6:30pm in the Family Room. Join us for a night of inspiring teaching, real-life stories, humor, dessert and more as we portray the challenges and beauty of God’s design. To attend and reserve free child […]

I saw a post on Facebook several months ago that was a pretty interesting read. It was written by a man who had recently been divorced after almost 16 years of marriage. His post was a list of marriage tips, written from the perspective of a divorcee, to help others protect and save their marriage. […]

Ask a number of relationship experts what they think about couples spending time alone with their hobbies and activities and you are bound to get a variety of answers.  Some would likely advocate that couples “do everything” together to strengthen their bond, while others would absolutely endorse time spent apart doing gender specific activities. Over […]

When your husband says no to sex? Wait…isn’t it the wife that usually says no to sex? A growing number of women are confiding to their friends and counselors that their husbands are less interested in sex than they are. Their husbands are not pursuing them as actively as they had once done and in […]

Change & Transition!

Posted: 25th August 2013 by Jason Coleman in Love is a Choice

We have some exciting news that is having a significant impact on our family and is turning our world upside down…temporarily anyway. Jason earned a promotion at his ‘day job’ and our family will be relocating in the near future. We will provide additional details soon. Until then, please be patient with us if we […]

Keeping that spark burning in your marriage is tough when life has become so predictable. Traveling to any of these five romantic European cities can give your relationship new butterflies and send you right back into the honeymoon phase as you gaze longingly into one another’s eyes. Barcelona, Spain This sexy city is known for […]

Hallmark estimates 96 percent of U.S. mothers participate in some type of Mother’s Day activity. How are you planning to make your celebration stand out? For the woman that raises your children while she juggles her own work/ambitions … and still finds time to make your grilled cheese just the way you like it … […]

When it comes to giving the special lady in their life flowers, most men think about the obvious occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or maybe their wedding anniversary. While it’s great to receive a beautiful bouquet of blossoms on these special days, there are also plenty of other flower-worthy occasions that pop up […]